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Naghisa is a lifestyle blog by Sheila Amorsolo - her creative platform where she aims to share her interests and life experiences that could inspire and empower women to love themselves, be bold & confident, so they can live the life they've dreamt of. Get inspired with her and let's talk about fashion, beauty, wellness, relationships, career, travels, and other crazy little adventures in life. <3


About the Blogger

Naghisa / Sheila graduated with a degree in Economics, and started a career in banking industry right after graduation. A dreamer by nature, she tries to do the things she want while working full-time, pursue her passion, take risks and take a step outside of her comfort zone as she aims to be the person she always want to be. As a fashion enthusiast and a #GirlBoss wannabe, she managed to start her own clothing line in 2016 ~ Meimi Clothing (@meimiclothing). Her passion leads her now to become a part-time fashion student, in pursuit of her dream of having her own fashion studio someday.


A supporter of women's empowerment, Sheila wants to reach out to women and inspire them to try out new things, be confident about themselves and be strong enough to pursue their life aspirations through her blog.


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