My Private Storey

Everyone has a private story that they eventually would like to share, at some point in time? I bet you have one in mind too :) Mine is not a shameful secret to tell and I guess girls can relate to this one?

Let's face it; every woman has insecurities, and everyone wants to look good all the time. I also want to always feel pretty, not just to impress other people but to boost my confidence. I always wanna dress up and look presentable to other people, even when I'll just drop by at a grocery store to buy something :p I admit, I have my flaws and imperfections. There are times when I don't want to look at myself in the mirror 'cause I think I look so awful - especially when I remove my make-up at night and during PMS days! You know those times when you hate how you look? I often encounter those moments. I have those moments also when I feel I gained so much weight; that I lose confident of wearing the outfits I want. Oh yes, I have those ugly moments.

But hey, it's okay to feel that way sometimes. Accept your flaws, accept and admit that you have imperfections. I've read somewhere that acceptance will make it easier to overcome whatever it is that making you feel bad about yourself. Embrace your beauty. We're all pretty; each one has unique traits and beauty. Be confident about how you look, and try to always face the world with a smile. Wake up every morning feeling good about yourself girls, and feeling beautiful.  How? Invest in nighttime skincare products which can brighten your skin, and invest in nice sleepwear! Yes, never underestimate the power of good outfit... look good & stylish even before you go to bed :)

I'd love to share this with you girls! I was never a 'PJ' lover until I stumbled upon this local store that offers really nice sleepwear and loungewear sets. Private Storey sells comfy and chic sleepwear sets which you'll definitely love. 

Most of their sleepwear sets are made of charmeuse silk, which makes them shiny and smooth - perfect to bring comfort and provide elegance on each sleepwear sets. Each set comes with a top, a pair of shorts or pants, and a matching robe that can level up your night outfit :)

*Ashley Set

*Ashley Set

I'm so in love with the designs of their collection as well! Designs with bright and classy colors, combined with satin & laces - these are the pieces that can make you look elegant and can make you feel pretty even right before sleeping. 

*Rachelle Set

*Rachelle Set

Wearing Ashley & a robe from Rachelle set

Wearing Ashley & a robe from Rachelle set

Can I just also say that the packaging looks so fab?! The belt of the robe is used as a ribbon, which can also definitely be a perfect gift idea for your girlfriends, sister/s or for your mom. 

These are now definitely included on the list of my must-have items. I'm getting married in 3 months and I think I have to start investing more on these sleepwear sets, 'cause I wanna look adorable in front of my husband even before and during sleeping haha. 

Everything is locally made by the way (#SupportLocal)! I'm getting really excited when I hear & learn start-up stories of Filipina entrepreneurs. Yay for another #GirlBoss :)

I heard they've just launched their new collection. Can't wait to get another stylish sets from them! Check out their intagram (@privatestorey) and facebook page (Private Storey) to browse more of the designs. Each set ranges from P1,200 - P1,800 only. I know you'll find one that will suit your personality. Go, get your own set of sleepwear/loungewear now and be #OOTN ready! :) Share your outfit posts with me please @naghisachan. Would love to see your picks soon. :D


Private Storey: Sleepwear & loungewear sets for the modern woman.

Contact Number: 0921 495 1686


Locations: POP RETAIL LAB Glorietta 3
               The Park Shangri-La Plaza


*More photos of their collection (from @privatestorey instagram account)