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Have you been in a situation when you wanna really purchase a new product or have been eyeing to try a product for quite some time already, but you're worried if it's gonna work out for you or not? Will it be more convenient for you if you can get samples first to try out before you decide to purchase a full version of the product you want? Is it more exciting if you can regularly receive a box of personalized beauty samples just for you? If this sounds interesting, you should definitely check out Giltbox Ph :) 

Giltbox Ph

Giltbox is an online subscription here in the Philippines. You can receive a curated box monthly which is filled with 5 sample beauty, lifestyle, & skincare products that are customized based on your preferences and conditions. You just have to pay a minimum amount per month to subscribe, and fill out online forms on their website with your preferences & personal information, so they can determine and pick the best products for you. The best thing to note about Giltbox is that they've partnered with some prestige & niche brands in the market also (i.e. Benefit Cosmetics, Clinique, Missha, Anastasia, etc.) - which means you can get sample products from these brands without splurging so much on the full size version of the products right away. Exciting right?  You can also actually learn new beauty tips and tricks by reading articles from their experts and watching tutorial videos on their site. If you wanna know more about Gitbox, feel free to explore their website -


Hooray! I just got my first box from Giltbox and if you're interested to know more about the products I got, just scroll down, keep on reading and discover new beauty treats/products with me :)


1. YSA Botanica 2-in-1 Papaya Soap with Kojic Acid

YSA Botanica Soap

I'm a fan of natural beauty. I'm not implying that I don't like make-up; but as much as I can, I would like to keep my skincare and beauty routine very simple. I also would like to see more of the natural glow of a woman. For me, you can actually feel more confident when you're embracing your natural beauty. Beauty prep should not be too complicated; and I just realized that having a flawless, radiant skin is the key to achieving that glowing natural look. Glad to know that this newly improved YSA Botanica Soap can help us girls to achieve that healthy, blooming, fairer skin - which can eventually help us achieve that youthful glow. 

YSA Botanica

I personally love products which are infused with natural ingredients like this, as I don't like ones with too much chemicals which can eventually harm your skin later on. YSA Botanica 2-in-1 Papaya Soap with Kojic Acid contains natural ingredients like papaya extract to effectively whiten the skin and eliminate bacteria that causes pimples and other skin blemishes. The combination of the two active ingredients (namely Papaya and Kojic Acid) claims to offer a fast, safe, and effective skincare solution for noticeably fairer, even-toned skin in as little as seven days! Aside from this, YSA Botanica Soap is also infused with Vitamin A (acts as an exfoliant for the skin to remove dead skin cells), Vitamin C (an anti-oxidant that helps lighten the skin from hyperpigmentation), and moisturizers to protect the skin from dryness. Consistent use of this soap has been said to strip off dead skin cells and reveal a more radiant complexion. I can't wait to try it! If you would like to know my personal review after a week, feel free to comment down below :)

YSA Botanica 2-in-1 Papaya Soap with Kojic Acid is available in 100g -  in drugstores and groceries nationwide.


2. Nice Day Coffee

I'm sure a lot of you will agree that coffee is a staple drink in our lives. Be it during casual talks, working or studying, we drink coffee. Yes, I love coffee too (particularly iced coffee :p); and I just can't imagine my daily routine without coffee nowadays. Juggling my time between my day job, online business, and Saturday fashion class, I usually drink coffee to energize myself for a long day of work. My husband can attest to that, haha :p I normally opt to start my day with a coffee, a good breakfast and a clear mind to prepare for a productive day. :)

Snapseed 26.jpg

As a coffee lover, I was actually amazed to see these 3 variants of Nice Day Coffee Sachets when I opened the box! Hey, it's not just an ordinary 3-in-1 coffee. Each variant of Nice Day Coffee actually has its own health benefits. Yay, perfect for health conscious individuals too. Nice Coffee indeed!

nice day coffee
nice day coffee

*Nice Day Coffee White (5 in 1 Coffee Mix) is a safe and effective coffee mixture that contains Glutathione and Collagen - two important ingredients that help radiate and lighten the skin. 

Do you know that Glutathione contains important amino acids that provide antioxidant properties, improve the immune system and metabolizes toxins and carcinogens in the body? It also helps aid in the treatment of certain health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and liver diseases, skin lightening by preventing the production of melanin. Meanwhile, Collagen improves skin hydration, decreases joint pains and hydrates the skin. This variant also contains Sucralose, which adds sweetness without the extra calories and carbohydrates. 

*Nice Day Coffee Slim (6 in 1 Coffee Mix) is a safe and effective dietary coffee mixture which contains CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) Fat Burner, L-Carnitine and Fiber that aids in weight management. The CLA Fat Burner helps shrink belly fat that is stored around the abdomen (belly fat) and the thigh area. L-Carnitine burns fat and converts it into energy, and helps improve hearing and muscle movement. Lastly, Fiber promotes good digestive health, enhances weight loss, reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes. This variant also contains Sucralose, which adds sweetness without the extra calories and carbohydrates. 

*Nice Day Coffee Cleanse (10 in 1 Coffee Mix) *my favorite* contains Ganoderma - the most nutritious medicinal mushroom that actively combats cancer cell growth and proliferation. It also contains Grape Seed that aids in improving blood circulation resulting to lower cholesterol, hypertension prevention, and protection of the blood vessels; Goji Berry that has anti-aging properties that help preserve vision; Cranberry which safeguards the kidneys from disorders and reduces instances of urinary tract infections (UTI); Sylimarin, also known as “liver tonics”, that repairs and prevents damage of the liver from toxic chemicals and medications; and Spirulina, a microalgae turned “superfood”, which possesses natural detoxifying functions and immune boosting nutrients. This variant on the other hand contains Coconut Sugar as the natural sweetener,  which prevents the risk of chronic conditions such as diabetes, gallstones, cancer, heart diseases, and obesity.

nice day coffee

Nice Day Coffee is available at drug stores and grocery stores nationwide (for only P20 per sachet).


hair care

3. Anagen Hair Products

gilt box hair care anagen

Aside from skincare routine, it is also important to include a hair care routine nowadays, especially for women who like to style their hair in different ways. My hair is so dull and dry, due to constant hair coloring; and I've been experiencing hair fall a lot of times (maybe due to daily blow dry?). Occasional hair fall might said to be caused by several factors such as stress or poor diet. If you're also experiencing this, here are some of the tips you can try to reduce the hair fall:

*Eat healthy -  eat more food that has Vitamin A, D and Iron. These vitamins play a big role in regaining and improving your locks.

*Unwind (Note to self) - If you tend to spend most of your time online, try disconnecting with it for a moment. Being busy with school, work or online may bring you stress. Try to focus yourself on things that would rather lessen the stress you’re currently into. Read a book, do yoga or do what you really enjoy doing that would keep you calm and relaxed. Most importantly, go slow. Just breathe.

*Don’t style your hair excessively - We are all aware that getting your hair styled boosts self-confidence – ironing, curling and applying wax are just some of the common methods we tend to overdo. But, too much of anything will not do us any good.

*Be wary of salon treatments - If heat is harmful to our hair, so are several chemicals used in salon treatments. Bleaching, colouring and chemically straightening the hair can damage and weaken it overtime. Always keep it natural.

*Consider using hair regrowth products - Because thinning of the hair has been a problem globally, many companies are creating products that are specifically targeted at restoring hair growth. A lot of these products can be bought in the groceries, supermarket and drugstores.


Here is where Anagen Products can be of help. Designed to work together, Anagen has 3 products that help in revitalizing hair and scalp to achieve healthier and thicker hair – shampoo, tonic and wax. 

They have ingredients that have been tested and proven to repair the scalp and prevent hair thinning and balding -- Jiou Liquid that has been proven to inhibit the enzyme that causes hair loss and improve blood circulation in scalp and Argan oil extracted from the fruit of the argan tree, endemic to Morocco,  is rich in nutrients such as fatty acids and Vitamin E. 


Anagen has a 3-step system designed to combat hair loss and promote healthy hair:

*Shampoo: Scientifically formulated to thoroughly clean and effectively stimulate the scalp to nourish and revitalize every hair follicle on your head.

*Hair Tonic: Made with the latest technology, Anagen Hair Tonic is a vitamin-enriched formula that strengthens hair, stimulates hair regrowth, and prevents hair fall.

*Hair Wax: Blended with essential hair growth ingredients to stimulate hair growth while giving your hair excellent pliability and natural shine after every use. 


I personally love the Hair Tonic. It's smells good too :) I can't wait to try these hair products also, as I am honestly very concerned with the hair fall and dry texture of my hair (as you can see in the photo). If you want a quick review after, let me know on the comment section please :) 

hair care routine

Anagen products are perfect for both men and women! You may try them first if you subscribe to Giltbox or you may get them on Lazada too!


That's it for the unboxing of my Giltbox package for now! Hope you find something you like. Let me know what product are you most interested in. If you want to receive your own personalized box, check out Giltbox and subscribe now! 



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