Summer’s gonna be over soon, so why not take time to enjoy and embrace Mr.Sun while we can fully feel his presence (lol). It was a sunny-day weekend, and I was in a mood to go outside and relax. I just felt the urge to take a break from all the thoughts running into my head lately.  Sorry for the drama on my very first post haha. I’ve been into difficult situations recently; and that I’ve been too emotional these past few weeks. Life hits you hard sometimes, yes?


“This world makes you crazy,” as the line goes (cue in True Colors in the background..). Yes, life; why do you have to be so complicated? Some things go out of your control and you have no choice but to accept & live with it. Heartbreaks, failures, disappointments; I’m sure you’ve been through tough times and wonder why you have to be in those situations. Can we not make everything perfect so we can all live a happy life? Whatever situations you are in, you’re expected to get through it and move on. Life teaches us the lessons we need to learn in a hard way. But whenever you feel exhausted about all the life issues, just pause for a while and take a rest. It may seem hard to understand at first, but always remember that everything happens for a reason. Heartaches? Maybe you’ve been saved for now, ‘cause the “right person” will come into your life later on. Failures? Keep moving, try to recover and learn from the experience. Remember that failure is not the opposite of success, but it’s part of success.  Disappointments? Life is not perfect. It’s okay to make mistakes, for as long as you admit your mistakes and you learn from it. If you’re being too idealistic (like me), try to compromise. We can’t get everything we want. Social norms may condition our minds and expectations of “perfect & ideal” life.  Stop comparing yourselves with other people; and never limit your happiness with someone else’s happiness. Follow your heart, do whatever will make you happy.


Dwell more on the positive side of life. Pain is temporary; you’ll realize later on that the tears, sacrifices, and your efforts will be worth it. You’ll surely be a better person. Take the courage to face the challenges even how hard they may seem. Focus on your goals loves, and you’ll get through it. Lastly, smile. Don’t take life too seriously. Enjoy the journey ‘cause there will be no return ticket to the past. Make wise decisions, and never regret. Live a happy life! :)